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About Am I to I Am Sales Edition

Are you looking to take you sales career to the next level? Then join us for this very special edition of Am I to I Am. In this Edition of Am I? to I Am! We Take the Goal Setting and Motivational Aspects of the Original Workshop and Apply them to the Sales Industry. No training is effective unless the core issues that drive motivation are addressed. Canned sales tactics provide little to no value if they are no congruent with an individual’s character. No training is effective unless the core issues that drive motivation are addressed. This applies to both the salesperson and customer. Personal development will always trump sales techniques if those techniques are not congruent with an individual’s character. If there is no emotional shift, no shift in the core of the belief system...there is no change. Information, if not applied, is useless. That is why this training goes beyond “word tracks” and engages the attendee as an individual and not as “just a salesperson”. By using an approach that addresses both the surface and underlying issues we are able to deliver lasting change and repeatable results for anyone who wants to advance their career in sales.

In this event we will address things like:
  • The sales equation - understanding the simple math of sales.
  • Creating and implementing a sales process.
  • The underlying reasons salespeople don’t accomplish their sales goals.
  • Understanding human motivation - a unique look at needs assessment.
  • Developing Rapport – creating a real connection.
  • Engaging customer emotion and understanding how they give themselves permission to buy.
  • Understanding buyer motivation - learning to sell the way your customer buys (stop trying to make them buy the way you sell)
  • Developing a “love” relationship with your customer - speaking their language - how to truly separate yourself from the crowd.
  • The single best technique to drastically reduce and even eliminate your biggest objections.

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Jonathan Benjamin

If you have the chance to work with or partner with Dave on any level, there’s just one thing to say- “Hell Yes.”

Jonathan Benjamin
CEO, Pulse Founder, Get Iconic

Joby Teel

David’s training helped our team develop the skills needed. We closed more deals as a direct result of his training.

Joby Teel
General Sales Manager AC Warehouse


The “Am I to I Am” seminar is a life-changing experience. It is totally worth attending again and again.

Bradenton, FL

Trevor Richard

I am proud to say that I now own my own successful business and my life is becoming more fun and meaningful everyday.

Trevor Richard
Owner, Patriot Home & Pest

Trevor Richard

It was great. I like his [David Rooks] passion for helping others. He really cares about helping other people. You can tell that he lives what he’s passionate about.

Bradenton, FL

Trevor Richard

It wasn’t until after the “Am I to I Am” seminar that I had realized how my life’s “goals” were pretty askew. I realized that I didn’t want to make my mark on the world by how much money I could acquire, I wanted to leave it with my greatest contribution: my daughter. How she will grow up to be an awesome person because I was her awesome mother.

Sarasota, FL