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A keynote speaker can inspire, motivate, educate and entertain. They can set the tone for your event. A keynote speaker can transform an ordinary meeting into an extraordinary one. They can help your company add credibility to any message you are trying to deliver.

Whether you are looking to launch a new initiative, implement new processes or create an environment of unity; adding a keynote speaker to your venue can fortify your message and enhance the experience of all who attend.

To deliver a message that penetrates the hearts and minds of attendees and inspires them to greatness, your keynote speaker must have the ability to connect with the audience. They must be able to first establish common ground. Taking the time to understand where the group is and aligning with them, creates the foundation for further development.

Perhaps you’ve had a vision before, an epiphany that truly inspired you but it never came to life. Conveying the message of change can be a daunting task. It can be challenging for established leadership to effectively implement change when the people attempting to deliver the message of change are the same people that are currently part of the existing “status quo”. The addition of a third party that is aligned with the company’s vision can add credibility and foster participant “buy in”.

David's "real world - in the field" corporate and leadership experience provides him a unique ability to align with your companies mission. He delivers content that is relevant and reinforces the vision of your organization, company or group. He has spent decades motivating and implementing change in a variety of industries. If you are ready to experience a level of success that only inspired action can bring, contact us today at 941.747.2021!



The “Am I to I Am” seminar is a life-changing experience. It is totally worth attending again and again.

Bradenton, FL

Trevor Richard

I am proud to say that I now own my own successful business and my life is becoming more fun and meaningful everyday.

Trevor Richard
Owner, Patriot Home & Pest


Am I? to I Am! Pathways  – January 6th - 8th, 2017

Am I? to I Am! Pathways

Am I? to I Am! Transformation  – Spring 2017

Am I? to I Am! Transformation

Am I? to I Am! Mastermind

Am I? to I Am! Mastermind

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